Day 30

Today was a fun day to paddle, and was another 30 plus mile day. Between the rain making the river rise about 2 feet giving me a good current and the wind at my back, I was cruising today. I covered 16.21 miles in 3 hours and at one point I was paddling up to 7.6 mph. Finished the day up with 32.30 miles.

I can’t say enough about this Kayak. “Stellar S18 Advantage” (with rudder). It handles better and goes faster than any sea kayak I have ever paddled. Including myself, all my gear, and the kayak, I’m paddling about 292 pounds of total weight.

My reception is really bad this evening so check back tomorrow for more pictures.


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Living the dream




Camp last night

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  1. Fred,
    I read the story today in the paper and I had no idea what you were doing. You are a Great American and I can’t say enough about how proud I am of you and your dedication to bring attention to our Veterans. Keep up the Good work my Friend and I will do my Best to bring attention to your cause.

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