Day 27

Deb, Karen, and BB (pictured below) delivered my last supply run. We went out to eat several times, and talked for hours. They left early this morning. Thank you girls for the food and great conversation. Thank you for making the trip for me, and I love you.

The marina is great and the people have been so nice. They have been treating me like I have a yacht. This place has nice clean bathrooms with 3 private shower rooms, and washers/dryers that I used today. They also have a courtesy car that I will use for the third time since I arrived to go to Walmart before I leave in the morning.

I have developed a new skill of rain prediction since setting off on my journey 27 days ago. I can count on it raining on my tent at exactly 4:30am every morning. The rain may or may not be due to the marina’s sprinkler system.

Living the dream





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