Day 24

It was another beautiful day on the water. If you could see me in my tent right now, you would see that I am smiling ear to ear as I write this. Some might call me crazy, but I have enjoyed every minute of my journey for Team River Runner since leaving Chattanooga on May 9th.

I paddled 23.4 miles today and locked through the Howell Heflin lock with no trouble. There weren’t many ahead of me, so I only had to wait about 1 hour before it was my turn.

Most of the pictures you see below were taken in Gainesville, Alabama. As I was paddling, I stumbled upon a herd of wild boar on the bank. Some of the boars had hair that stood up on their back like a mohawk. All but one ran when I got close. There always has to be one in every group. I never know what wildlife I might encounter from day to day.

Living the dream

Go Team River Runner


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