Day 22

My day started off in the rain but then the sun came out. There was no wind today and the water was like glass, which was great for paddling. Today I had the pleasure of chatting with two wonderful ladies, Amanda and Leighana, who were sitting on the river bank watching a barge as I came paddling along (picture below). Thank you for promoting Team River Runner. After locking through, I stopped and had lunch. Once back on the water, it rained on me for the next few hours. Had to look long and hard for a camp site, but I found one. Got in 26.56 miles and my next lock is 54 miles from my current location. The reception is not great this evening, so check back in the morning for pictures and videos.

Total miles paddled in 22 days: 408.76 miles

Living the dream


Day 22


Lock video below:



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